About Gina & Irisa

Just two beautiful girl*friends Gina (Galina) and Irisa (Irina) who share the same awesome passion for photography, but one is more of a camera girl, where the other is more of a posing girl. 🙂 see which one you get 😉

~ Irisa was born in Ukraine in 1986, and came to the states in 1998 with her parents and 3 siblings. Gina was born in Russia (by the black sea) in 1986, migrated to the states in Dec 1995 with dad and 6 siblings. We both met in junior high school (7th grade), became friends and then best friends, but one year, we had a fight and became enemies (haha funny and silly story) but then we started talking and hanging out again, began a singing group of 4 girls where we sang at churches and weddings. and thus we are still best friends till today. Our interest in photography was at different ages, Gina’s was from early on back in Russia, but didn’t get her first Sony camera until she was 18. Irisa’s interest began when we fooled around with makeup and dress-up and took photos as if we were modeling. haha.. well, since then we just developed a curiosity about photography and began taking it to the next level a little bit more seriously. Build a home studio (which was interesting, ‘cuz we didn’t really know the gear or brands or watts) but it worked.. we no longer have a studio., we are as you may call a ‘natural light’ photography.

~~~ We love being inspired and getting a little creative with our photo sessions 🙂 When there are two of us present, we try to make the photo be the best it can, so with models, if you think you need some guidance with posing and bringing out the best from the session, we can help out. With family sessions- there, we pose you and make sure that no one is being blocked or looks awkward, so when the portrait is done, its natural and everyone has a big smile showing!!! 🙂 We make it a fun and enjoyable session. 🙂

To see some of our behind the scenes images, click on… GaleRisa At work.




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