Baby David. GaleRisa Toddler Photographer in Denver

Jan 28. 2017
Baby David, The cutest toddler!!!
We took photos of his parents while his mom was still cuddling him in her belly, Check it here.. and here he is like 6months young, roaming the wonderful Earth, bringing joy to everyone around. He has to be the most cuddliest teddy bear ever with all his baby rolls and drooling. aaah, I love babies. David was always smiling and flirting with us, hehehe- it was lovely. This photo session took place in his cozy and comfy bedroom. All natural lighting and sometimes a fill from my on-camera flash.
Look at the images and I dare you not to go ‘awwwwwwe’ while scrolling down. 🙂
GaleRisa Photography Denver
GaleRisa toddler portraits.
GaleRisa Baby Photographer Denver.

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