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Alright guys, this shoot, is probably one of the most relaxed, smooth, and fun shoots I’ve done.. (we shot this a few months ago). Huge thanks to Aaron from Blank Canvas Fashion- he was interviewing Blurred Pictures for 303magazine, —- you can read the full story here —- and asked me to photograph this event for the publication he was writing, of coarse I said YES!! Upon arrival to bellwether coffee location, I was not sure where to meet them inside, so I walked around the store- but couldn’t locate them, so finally the bartender led me through this door, then through a hallway, then we walk into and through this barbershop, and finally at the end of the store, was another door, which he opened and I walked into a room where these awesome characters were sitting in circle talking, and now… just starring at me. Haha- they were all just hanging out and laughing with Aaron. I found my way back to the bar, ordered some iced beer coffee (which was sooo super delicious) from a bartender- who’s hair was so kool.. and waited for them to finish up. When the boys walked out, we introduced ourselves and went behind the store into the alley and took some awesome rugged shots. They all rocked the styles picked by Aaron.

Check out these pages.
Blurred Pictures
Blank Canvas Fashion

Check this behind the scenes. PS. DO NOT LAUGH AT MY EDITING SKILLS. haha..
Aaron (@BlankCanvasFashion) interviewed @BlurredPictures for 303 magazine. I (Gina from was the photographer for the publication, and as we were in the middle of the shoot, I asked how they started the company and came up with the name, I secretly pretended to snap photos, while in reality I was recording… Turned out kool, .. You are welcome :P.

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