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This has been a long time coming… but i promise you, it was because there were soooo many beautiful photos to work with that it was just overwhelming to choose which ones to show you, I could not narrow down even more, so what you see below is the best filter i could do. 🙂 Carly, you ARE STUNNING!!!!! Thank you that we finally got to photograph you and your beautiful horses!! Hope the oldest one is feeling better, and the younger one (Malibu) doesn’t step on your feet anymore 😛
They did amazing. The way Carlie was caring and riding the horses, it was sooo beautiful, you can just feel the love between the two. It was just so heartwarming. I loved photographing that.
I’ve always wanted to have a photosession with horses, but was always afraid to come up to our past neighbors to ask for theirs to borrow, until I met Carly a few years ago- learned that she owns a few horses, that we decided to do a simple vintage photosession, and she has 3 of them!!!! wohoo!!! hehe..
The weather was beautiful, still warm out and the sun was setting just perfectly giving us that golden sky.. and what beautiful creation they are!! Horses were and still are, my favorite animals since I was a little girl..
Thank you girl again, I loved it!
Enjoy the images, and will see you shortly.
GaleRisa Photographer denver
GaleRisa lifestyle photographer colorado

A little behind the scenes of the photoshoot with Carly and her horses.

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