Ily & Anna. With boys. Fall Family Portraits. GaleRisa Photography.

I was waiting till everyone (who was on their list) got their Christmas card, and so now, I can write a full post about the session and include all the lovely photos we took. This was (again) a very quick one, at our local park in lakewood. These two brothers were absolutely full of energy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Capturing their silly self and getting their attention for maybe 5 seconds., it was all great! Boy O’ Boy do I love Levi’s blonde curls!!! I DO! The love between a family is as unique as it is life-changing. Hoping that everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I sure did. Spend it with my most important people, had lots of great Russian (and American) food. Exchanged our family ornaments (it is a tradition we’ve carried out for about 7years now), played games and just enjoyed spending quality time with everyone. :0)
Ate too many sweets as well. Now it is time for that New Years Resolution (as many of us make)… to get our hibernating booties into the gym!
Thank you for reading and Wishing everyone a Happy New and a prosperous 2018!

GaleRisa Family Portraits Denver
Family Portraits photographer Denver.

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