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Ok, as a photographer, I’ve been using just one ‘official’ bag for my camera that I bought 15years ago, needless to say- it is ripping, but ever since I’ve had one (or several) of these JoTotes camera bags,, seriously… I LOVE THEM. Not only are they packed and backed with padding so the camera doesn’t get hurt, but also so many pockets that are available inside (and outside) for storage and the dividers to keep lenses snug, it just works for any type of shooting. I absolutely love having these, I have a few in different colors and sizes, and I actually travels with them, and don’t always use them as camera carriers, but as a fashionable personal item purse as well. They are super comfy and one would never tell that there is a camera inside it. Anyways, I just wanted to share that little insight haha.
As usual, my very favorite @ModaPrints – she makes photoshoots so fun and easy. LOVE working with you girl.
Harbourside messenger bag
Siena Camera Bag
Allison Mint Camera Bag

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