Katia – Spring time in Boulder, GaleRisa Photography

Oh man, this session with Katia was such a breeze.
I believe it has been about 4 years since we had our hopes to get this girl in-front of our cameras,, we have met, and when i say ‘met’, it was at one of our weddings that we were photographing and at the reception, we saw her dancing in the crowd, and she stood out so much, it seemed like the spot light was always on her, we immediately wanted to have her model for us, BUT we were too afraid of approaching her- introducing ourselves and asking her to model for us… We have always kept her in the back of our minds.. Several years later, we finally had the courage to ask her … her response was “FINALLY, I’ve been waiting since 2009 for this!” heheh i love it!!!!. Well, check out our photosession at one of our most favorite place- CU Boulder, it has so much color and random designs and unique buildings, it was an easy choice. She learned ballet when she was younger, and we incorporated a little bit of it with a tutu at the end, but she is just like a doll- we are totally wowed by her!. Thanks girl!
Can’t wait to have another session where we get to play with her long hair… 😉

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