Gorgeous Lida. GaleRisa Model Photographer in Arvada

Even though our spring in Colorado is not really purple, red, pink or yellow blooming flowers, but bare trees and occasional snowstorms.. Irisa and I still use that to our advantage- make bare and plain background compliment our focal point (model). In this case, we found a random abandoned house by Costco in Arvada, decided to take a look at its surrounding, liked it- decided to stay and take the photos before the sunset was gone. It was a gorgeous warm day…
Lida is a tiny, shy, and beautiful girl from Ukraine- has transformed beautifully into her ‘modeling’ mode… (this was her first experience in-front of a professional camera and GaleRisa). We enjoyed her so much, she took direction very well and we could not be more happier with the results. Right now as I look at the photos, I love them more everytime.

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L i n k s
M o r e   i n f o