Lost in the Woods, Bohemian Style with Katya N. GaleRisa Fashion Photographer in Denver.

This shoot was shot last year. mmmmmm. Do not ask why it took me this long to get to it and finally post the images, but ah once i started working on them, I was in love. hahah. the girl is a beautiful Russian and was such a joy to work with. I have always wanted to do a ‘vintage/boho’ themes shoot., so with her, she is very much earthy and just natural beauty, so it was a no-brainer to have her in front of my lens.
We decided to go up to the mountains to shoot this look. We got there, and…. it was sooooooo, sooo windy and super cold, at times we saw some snow and raindrops), the people walking down the trail said that the wind was soo strong on the top that everything was flying away and the tripods and hats and poles and sticks were just flying around.. as we were climbing up, it started snowing a little, I was soo worried about Katya, she was barely wearing anything warm.. (while I was in a snowboarding jacket). I felt so cold just looking at her 🙂 I’m sorry girl. Thank God you didn’t get a cold..
So we decided to postpone the shoot to another warmer day, but on the way down, we just stopped on the side dirt road to test and see if it was better, and thankfully it was. The big wind was calmer due to the trees and at times, the sun rays peeked a little. So we decided to take a few shots. Anyways. take a look at this photoshoot up in our majestic mountains of Colorado. We will be doing a shoot again soon, I promise I wont wait that long to post it this time. … But isn’t she just a gorgeous doll?. LOVE love that she wears boho theme sooo well!!

Model: Katya N.
GaleRisa Photographer Denver
Denver Bohemian theme photoshoo
Colorado mountains photoshoot
GaleRisa Fashion Photographer Denver


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