NXT model Marina Liubarova Fitness model. GaleRisa Photographer

HEEEEEEEy you. HAPPY 2018!!!!
Who has the ‘original’ New Years Resolution coming into 2018 – getting a membership at the local gym and starting that healthier lifestyle!?
Ah, well if you are anything like me… I haven’t done resolutions in over 10years, since I do not keep them past the first week (referring to ‘going to a gym’ here), ‘cuz what happened on Jan 1st, I slept-in till 10am, while still in my pj’s, spent the whole day de-cluttering my home, washing floors, drinking tea and taking naps with the cutest CurlyFrie (my bf’s dog) in the world!

OK, moving on now to the important stuff, keep readin’.

I tell you what.. THIS GIRL right here is THE motivator. Russian. Beautiful. Sexy. Successful. Mom for 2 boys. And now steering towards a goal of being a fitness model.
You go girl!!!
I’ve known Marina for a few years now (7-8?), and she continues to impress me with her skills every time I see her.
We’ve done this shoot a few months ago, and she brought most of the gym equipment to the shoot, minus the bowflex machine 😉 jk. I love her commitment to things she puts her mind to.
Anyways, we met in Denver Downtown at the Civic Center Park, and as she gets out of the car, there are two little heads looking at me from inside her car… her two adorable boys- just smiling and observing! I looked at her boys and then at her… “how do you do it, how do you keep your body in 0%fat.?”, she just laughs and humbly says ‘thank you’!
We found a spot on the steps, the harsh sun was blinding us, but i made it work for my advantage and used it as a highlight to bring out those muscle lines. As we were photographing, I felt as if I was working out, I was sweating just by looking at her doing the workout positions! Marinka kept it up, I made her hold longer positions in order to get ‘that shot’, I think that was a full workout for both of us- for her [just a day] and for me [for a whole month]. hehe

Girl, I’m so proud of you for getting that modeling contract with NXTModel, can’t wait to get more artistic shots with you, Your 2018 will be the best yet!
Follow her on IG for daily motivation at #BarbieWhoLifts

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