Chelsea Jenks Petersen, Fall Family Portraits with GaleRisa. Wheat Ridge Co.

We graduate in 2004 from Ralston Valley H.S., We met either in 10th or 11th grade, we had choir class together. As Mr. Talley was listening to our voices and rearranging our seats according to how our voices sounded next to eachother, I got to sit next to Chelsea. I remember her being this super pretty, shy, and having this pretty high voice girl., I loved sitting and singing next to her throughout the months (2years) of school year – soprano section, Sometimes, (I will admit, I had to listen to her voice to get my notes right) ;). As senior year approached – we auditioned to be in an ‘all girl group’ called ‘Heaven Sent’.. we both (along with my younger sister) got to be part of it- it was our after school activity, and we would sing separate from the school choir concerts. It was a special time for me.
And I was sooo glad that she contacted me a few weeks ago about taking photos of her family, Over the past few years (10 or so), we haven’t been close as we were back in the day, and it was amazing to see how life turned out for Chelsea. I got to meet her cute kids and her husband.. such a beautiful family.
Life is awesome. 🙂 Thankful to God for everyone in my life.
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