OH MAN… you have no idea what a relief it is to have the blog back. I’m telling you, the thought of not having all these wonderful posts that started so many years ago, to lose all that and start from scratch– definitely is a scare. But i’m thankful for the two guys who fixed it for me and its back up and running. I can always count on them to be my tech guys no matter what. 🙂
So i’m back to keeping up with you guys and sharing some of the awesome people I meet and collaborate with. And also- to those in the future. I’m anticipating this summer /year to be a very busy one, full of awesome activities and lots of photos… Time to update my hairs…heheh 😉 jk. but seriously, I think I want to go even a more lighter and shorter?! – but that usually gets decided once I’m sitting in the dressers chair. hmmm

As promised, here is a post from one of the recent photoshoots I’ve done. I’ve already introduced Molly to you guys, you can check out some previous stuff here.
But here is another look of her stunning earrings- black tassels.
I love how vintage these turned out, Love the outfit she picked for it as well as location- the Denver Union Station, the whole thing… it just flows!!
please follow the following links to her stores and online pages.
Can’t wait to work with her again.
Molly’s official website – shop
Spare Drawer Jewelry – Facebook
Spare Drawer – Twitter
Spare Drawer – Instagram


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