Zander + Tanya Nikolenko. GaleRisa Photographer in Aurora

Gotta say, I’ve known Zander and his big family since my families’ arrival to USA, that is 17 years already.. Zander and his siblings are amazingly musically talented, If you have ever been to their church, you know what I am talking about- their angelic voices and how they worship, it’s heart-melting, performance everytime!! Well, anyways, we decided to take these photos just couple of weeks before the wedding, Tanya had just arrived to Denver, and Irisa and I were so eager to meet her and talk details of the wedding day! And as soon as we met them, we just felt this strong love that these two had, always looking into each others’ eyes and smiling with passion… I love seeing those moments, and capturing them from behind the scenes- that twinkle in their eyes.. it’s almost like they have waited for eachother for a lifetime, and finally they are together and everything fits so perfectly…. ah..
Ok enough of my sobby romantic side.. heheh take a look for yourself and see what i mean…

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